Acrylic painting: There are almost no limits to creativity

As I like to be creative, I tried painting with acrylics at the beginning of the year. For this I have ordered on the Internet stretcher, some acrylic paints, brushes, wooden stamp, stucture paste and sand in different grain sizes.

The material is not very expensive and I have to say that I really enjoy it, because the colors are wonderfully easy to apply. You also need Malerkrepp to mask different areas, because you z. B. works with different colors or materials.

By sprinkling special sand, mixing colors or even metallic colors, you can achieve unique effects. There are virtually no limits to creativity. However, motives, like the two I painted, also require accuracy.

For picture 2 I have completely painted a stretcher 24 x 30 cm with black acrylic paint, not forgetting the edges. I always let the paint dry completely until the next day. Goes faster too, especially if you use a hair dryer. The next day I applied the points to the stretcher with 3 wooden punches. Do not take too much color and first test the color intensity on a piece of paper. For the dots I took the color ivory, because it forms a nice contrast to the black. For the larger dots 2 and 1.5 cm in diameter and a very small with 2.5 - 3 mm in diameter ... After about 4 hours of drying time I have set with the colors red and blue in the big dots still accents.

One day later, I painted the finished image with matt clear coat to protect it from dust and fading.

The first picture was much more complex, because it was made with many different materials, which I will not describe in detail now, otherwise I go beyond the scope.

I have carefully matched all the colors in this picture and first taped the squares on the left side and cut the cup from a previously created copy and transferred it to the stretcher. Use against slipping of the Tesafilm. The cup and also for different squares on the right side I used structure paste in medium strength and applied differently with a small spatula. Let it dry well. I wait at least 24 hours.

Then there are no limits to your imagination, because luckily everyone else likes colors and materials.

At this point, I am very grateful to a dear friend who has helped me to paint these two unique pieces through the tips he has given me.

When painting with acrylic paints, I can combine two things, paint a picture according to my own ideas and clear my mind, because I can really relax.

The most beautiful thing for me, however, is that the pictures that are created are absolutely unique pieces, you set accents through materials and color combinations and the pictures are also wonderful as a gift.

Acrylic painting techniques and tutorial with Reina Cottier | Colour In Your Life | April 2024