Against blackheads with the juice of parsley

A simple remedy from great-grandmother's days still works today: you can fight blackheads with the juice of parsley.

Not only young people are suffering blackheads, these sebum plugs, which are crowned with a black dot. Although it itches to express it, if you're unlucky, the spot ignites and everything gets worse.

You grind some fresh parsley in a mortar. The juice is applied to the blackheads. Best with a cotton swab. After a few days you can already see an improvement of the skin.

Since you only need a few drops, you can always win the juice fresh. If possible do not fall asleep with the green juice on the face on a white pillow - the color keeps very well!

DIY | How To Remove Dark Spots & Circles, Blackheads, Acne & Wrinkles | Parsley | Lemon Toner Recipe | September 2020