Against creaky wooden floors in old houses

If the wooden floors creak in old houses or creak with every step I found the following solution:

Since the old floors under the wood are a bit hollow, I have at the places where they squeak or creak about 10 - 15 holes, about 8 - 10 mm drilled in the Ø.

Then a few Kantkölzer draufgelegt and sprinkled with the ceiling. I then sprayed the holes with foam, so that at the other holes of the hard foam rausgequollen. I did that in several places in the room and the success was 100% okay.

After drying the construction foam, about 1 day later, I have the remaining building foam tips, which come from the ground, are cut off with a knife. After that, the spillage of the floor with the ceiling solved. Important here is the spillage, so that the floor does not rise when filling the construction foam.

Then you can re-occupy the floor with carpet or other material. Have fun at work.

How to Repair Squeaky Wood Floors | This Old House | August 2020