Against mealworms: Spearmint chewing gum strips

Mealworms and Co. can be dispelled with spearmint chewing gum strips from the pantry.

I came back from vacation, it had been wet and warm at home for the past two weeks.

Im -closed! - flour pot and in the rice container were small insects - mealworms. Immediately I disposed of everything and washed well with vinegar water.

Afterwards, I asked myself how I first came to the insects and, secondly, what you could do about it.

Obviously, many knew this problem, usually only when the paper bag was open. But they told me disgusting stories of dried mushrooms in unopened jars that were swarming. You probably drag the animals already when shopping in the pantry or kitchen.

Clearly, tightly closed containers are the nuts and bolts. What else could you do?

A friend from Florida knew the problem well. Constantly crawling in her cornmeal and the cereal. Until she followed her advice, simply put spearmint-flavored chewing gum strips into the containers. After that, it was obviously quiet.

I do it now and renew the gum every three weeks. And no, the flour does not smell like peppermint.

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