Align satellite dish

A pretty good clue to the orientation of a satellite system offer two pages in the I-Net.

Version 1:
1. At // select the requested satellite and the place of residence (drop-down or longitude and latitude * remove dead link *.

2. Satellite dish now best with a compass according to the information. It is very helpful to have a TV and a satellite receiver near the bowl. So you can use a vertical and a horizontal transmitter [pre-installed Reciver] and their signal strength (signal to noise ratio [S / N o. C / N designated] and quality) then align the bowl more accurately.

Variant 2:

Like variant 1, only here is the page // On this page can also be calculated how an obstacle affects the reception. //

So then a lot of fun and success with the installation and configuration of the SAT systems.

PS: Please check also the seat of the F-plug with the LNB and Reciver. Otherwise it can very quickly lead to desperation and anger. Clue: * dead link removed *

Align Satellite Dish Without a Meter After Hitting it! | May 2022