Alternative to wide bra straps - Hose carrier tape

A pretty alternative to wide bra straps can be made yourself with tubular strap.

Anyone who has a slightly larger bust knows the suffering: The bras are always made so that the wearer very wide and disturbing, especially in the summer when you want to wear a dress with thin straps, they look disturbing, clumsy out.

I have found the following alternative, with which I am very satisfied. Just search the internet for hose carrier tape. These bands are as the name suggests tubular and thus have a nice soft edge and are also very stable.

They are about 5mm wide, for a bra you need about 0.80 cm.

Cut the bra at the front of the bra, until about halfway, so that the rear part remains to adjust the bra. Now you replace the missing part with 2-hose carrier tapes (each 20 mm), which you sew exactly next to each other. The trick is that you can now distribute the load on 2 carriers. It does not cut so sharply at the shoulder and it also looks significantly prettier!

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