Amazing fruit approach to strawberries

My personal strawberry experience: Amazing fruit on strawberries.

I have a large fruit and vegetable garden and I have little time! That means in plain language - My garden is a wilderness!

In the spring, I struggled through and it seems all right, but then come the big rain and thus the helm glides from my hand. The last fall just passed me and my garden.

The strawberry mound - the perennials are overdue and ready to be replaced - should be replanted but in the middle of the weeds, between stinging nettles, grass and garlic, the old perennials grew into amazing plants. With an unprecedented fruit approach!

If you talk about such an amazing "miracle" with your neighbors, then you have similar experiences. Not with the neighbors themselves. They are very neat, the beds are sown with the ruler and the strawberries carefully chopped and covered with straw. But the harvest is moderate. No, the weed experience heard the neighbors turn from friends and acquaintances.

It appears that the berries can develop better in the protection of wild plants, to be protected from cold nights.

When the first fruitings became visible, I removed the tall grasses. Not all caught and the nettles - well, they protect me from rheumatism, if I burn my fingers properly while picking the berries. Has anyone made similar experiences from you?

How to Wash Strawberries - | May 2020