An inexpensive refreshment: cold tea with lemon

An inexpensive refreshment, not only for the summer: cold tea with lemon.


Take fruit tea (4 teaspoons or 4 teaspoons of fruit tea), eg. Cherry yoghurt; Cherry strawberry, etc., and pour the whole in a suitable container with 500-700 ml of boiling water. Contrary to the description, the tea is about 30 (in words: thirty) minutes to pull and then removes the tea. Now add 6 sugar cubes or 6 sweetener tablets and the juice of half a lemon and let the whole thing, possibly in a water bath to cool to room temperature. Then pour the concentrate into a 1.5 L PET bottle, add cold tap water, shake briefly and place in the refrigerator.

In this way you have quickly made a very inexpensive refreshment. Instead of tap water you could also use sparkling water.

ATTENTION: Flavored black tea may only draw for about 5 minutes! Best to try it.

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