Ant bait trap tune-up

Recently I had to fight on the balcony with an ant plague. So I bought the poison bait for ants, but the ants did not want to know about it. If this is also the case, this tip helps:

You kill a larger fly and place it in the middle of the poison bait. In order to prevent the removal by the ants (which will come very soon), they complain, for. B. in my case with a cake fork, and presses the fly with the fork into the poison. Since the ants are instinct-driven, they will eternally (in vain) try to get the fly away. Since the object of their desire does not move a bit, more and more ants are added.

My shot was taken 3 minutes after the placement. Once the ants are on the poison bait (taken from the can by a can opener and placed on the severed lid), enough of them begin to eat the bait and transport the contents into the structure. Thus, they poison their queen and her offspring, and the problem is eliminated. In a jiffy I got rid of the problem with it.

How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Home Terro Ant Bait Review | June 2020