Ant nests in the meadow - ants drive

If you have ant nests of black ants in the meadow, it will be enough if you walk over the piles of earth with your shoes on your feet again and again. Since these animals want their peace, sooner or later they will look for a new meadow to build their nests. Good luck trying!

mops: @ Sunnysonnschein17: Unfortunately, I have made with home remedies in terms of ants no good experience. In the end, really only helps drive away, because the ants feel so disturbed by the overflowing in the brood care that they move on. And as much as I am an animal lover, I take precedence over the ants and have always had very few children. I never felt like setting up several sandboxes in my backyard so my kids could use one of them to play while the others were populated by ants. The animal welfare stops somewhere. We managed to shovel the sandbox several times a day, and after a few days the spook was over. This is however z. B. on lawns only badly applicable.

I do not think the tip is to "trample" anything to get rid of it, and no mole is blown up next time (which would not bother me or the kids in the sandbox).

And now with the red thumbs! sunnysonnschein17: @ 19tina53: Sorry, but something trample is not a tip for me to eliminate a problem. Here in the case ants. In another case, you break up the unwanted mole from the building or put everything under water and drown it (s).

I do not think it's FM's way to trample anything to get rid of the "problem". Maybe you should try it like Hayray with clove powder or various other home remedies to drive away the ants.

And 19tina53: I have read the tip, not to know better or give a better tip, but in case of the case to have a tip on how I possibly get rid of the ants again and without trampling them.

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