Apples for allergy sufferers

Who has hay fever (trees), usually can not stand apples. This is called cross allergy. This is noticeable by swollen gums, itching in the mouth and throat, in the worst case by shortness of breath. So too with me!

Now I've heard several times and also read that there are quite suitable allergies suitable apple varieties. And these are mostly old apple varieties. They contain more polyphenol, which eliminates allergy-causing substances in the apple.

These include Gravensteiner, Wellant, Santana, Red Berlepsch, Holsteiner Cox, and Boskop. Their season usually starts in August / September and goes until April. Except for the Boskop I have not seen any of these varieties in the supermarket, but at the weekly market. I have tried the Wellant, the Santana and the Gravensteiner so far. I found everyone at the weekly market and had them packed in different paper bags. I then provided them with their names, so that I still know at home what kind is. All delicious and I tolerated each one of them.

Try it!

Dr. Oz's Anti-Allergy Diet | April 2021