Applesauce Rusk custard

Totally tasty, fast and cheap is actually this applesauce and rusk pudding dish.

You need:

1/2 l of milk

1 vanilla pudding packet for cooking

Sugar according to the packing instructions (usually 4 - 6 tablespoons)

1 glass of applesauce, half of it or just a small glass

and depending on the bowl / bowl of rusk (I always use 5 pieces, but also take a small flat rectangular bowl)

First boil the pudding, boil 400 ml of milk, mix the remaining milk with the sugar and vanilla powder and stir into the boiling milk. Continue cooking until thickened and set aside to cool. A little tip: If you sprinkle the surface with sugar, no disturbing skin is formed.

In the cooling time, put the applesauce in the bowl and smooth. Put the rusks on top, either whole or broken into pieces and if necessary press in a little. Then stir the pudding again and pour over the rusks. Smooth and finally let cool.

How long does it take I can not say exactly depends on the size. I usually leave that for a couple of hours before I fall on it. As a sweet main meal ideal.

Apple Pasta | Apple Tasty Delight | Chef Anupa | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana | May 2020