Apply make-up in combination with creams

The best thing to do is to apply makeup with cream. First apply the cream and then the make-up. Avoids patches on the face and is even. Also make-up removal is so easy.

Hogevecht: I wonder so many times why any negative comments are made when someone wants to pass on their knowledge. I can say that I am one of those women who already knows 99% of all existing tips and would not even think about putting a tip down here. Maybe even very young people read these pages and they will not know many things. The one who put him here for the public did not seem to know him before. The older semesters or a little more "read" (even if it is only weekly Frauenillus) here so: Read and as already known not on the hard drive save ;-)
Just cool and always remain confident!

Dewy Cream Makeup for Combo/Oily Skin | Bailey B. | December 2020