Avoid limescale in the bathtub

Lime always formed in my bathtub. Since I add essential oils to the bath water, they combine with the lime. So you can just wipe them with soap. This works - tried - with many, probably even all fats. I only give, depending on the fragrance intensity of the essential oil 3-12 drops into the bath water. You can certainly put together such a mixture as in the fragrance lamp.

It works in the bathroom as well. I put two drops in the casting and one in the basin of the flat washer - it smells good, too. The lateral edges below receive any vegetable oil, because there is always lime. Since I take an oil that has become a little older and therefore I do not want to take more. Just a little bit in a sponge and smear on it. But I do it less often. Since you can probably even from the frying oil that you just want to dispose of a little use. You really only need a few drops.

How to Clean a Bathtub! (Easy Bathtub Cleaning Routine) | July 2020