Avoid splashing when pureeing

Multiple spray protection when blending with hand blender: so you can avoid spattering while pureeing: After lately almost all my tile mirror and the worktop when mixing jam had sprinkled, I had to come up with something.

Today, because Mother Nature had offered me so many beautiful apples, which I could not say "NO", I wanted to cook applesauce out of it.

I did not want to have that kind of blow job the other day!

I took a large piece of coated cardboard (cover sheet from the calendar) to hand, put the pot lid on it, drew on the back of the size and then cut the circle with the addition of 3 cm.

Then I cut out a hole in the middle with a small pair of scissors, so that the blender stick through and laid this construction on the now cooked apples.

I put the pot in the sink and started.

It spurted out of the little "movement hole" hardly anything out, the few droplets landed in the sink, the tile mirror remained clean, the countertop also ... I was satisfied.

At the end I wiped the disc off briefly and have now for the next time equal to a multiple-use splash guard.

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