Baby carriage clean with shaving cream

With shaving foam you can clean a stroller well. My sweethearts like to cook biscuits, ice cream, or chocolate while going for a ride. With shaving foam you can clean a stroller well. Accordingly, from time to time the sports car (buggy) looks out, especially where the little hands constantly dabble. Anyone who pushes the little bites through the landscape knows that. As fast as there is no one smears with the cloth, even if you have it.

From time to time, I spray this gripping area with shaving cream, which super removes the grease dirt, then the dirt can be rubbed out, or rinsed out. For this I hold the demounted Buggyteil sideways over the bath and rinse it off with the shower. Then the other side. With 2 guest towels I express the moisture. Let air dry. I have opted for shaving cream, although there are better-soluble substances, but I do not know if they are harmful to the little ones.

MOM HACKS ℠ | Strollers! (Ep. 6) | May 2020