Bake cakes without a dome

Bake cakes without a dome / hill, that's how it works:

Since the metal of the cake pan usually heats up first, the dough bakes too fast on the edge before it can go up. Thus, it remains flatter on the edge, while the dough rises higher in the middle. It always annoyed me a little bit. But that was the way it was.

A few days ago I have on the net a "cake magic loop"? seen. This is placed around the (metal) baking pan, so that the cake bakes evenly without getting a hill.

I did not know this ingenious idea yet and am simply thrilled. It actually works! :-) That's why I thought I'd share this trick with you.

I cut this "baking tin" from a discarded towel.

You need it

  • 1 towel or other robust cotton fabric (denim)
  • Be sure to use pure cotton without synthetic fibers!
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 safety pin

That is how it goes

  1. Cut off the hem on the towel on the long side. Then a strip is cut in the width and circumference of the springform. Who wants, can still frame the whole thing.
  2. This strip is made very wet before baking with cold water, just so that it does not drip. Then the soaked strip is placed around the baking pan and fastened with the safety pin. Pour in cake batter and bake as usual. Please make sure that the ends do not overlap. For different baking mold sizes, cut one matching strip each.

What you see in the pictures is just my "prototype". I will still cut some of a nice solid material and skirt. Then my baking dishes are dressed smartly.

By cooling the baking mold of wet cloth, the dough can rise and bake at the same speed as the rest of the dough, and thus no dome is formed. Sometimes the dome is welcome but not always.

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