Barbecue season - liver rolls on a spit

Grilled liver rolls:

For 8 pieces: 8 thin liver slices, 8 prunes, 4 spring onions, 8 slices of streaky bacon or bacon, pepper and possibly fresh sage leaves, optionally fresh marjoram / thyme sprigs, a little salt, 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Cut the prepared liver into thin slices, spring onion green I cut about 8 cm long pieces, prunes cut so that you can stretch them to about 8 cm.

Lightly pepper the liver slices, top with onion, prune and sage (or thyme / marjoram) and roll up tightly and wrap with the bacon. Attach with toothpicks. Or you take a watered shashlik skewer to mate, then you have the same turn handle to turn. Brush with a little oil from the outside and grill best on the charcoal grill.

Salt slightly from the outside when dressing and then grate with black pepper again.

How to cook a Pig on a Spit | May 2020