Beer open and no desire for it?

You know the problem: the party is running low, the "hard core" is still there, you open a few more beers and before they are just touched, the whole crew says that they are going home ...

Now you sit in front of the whole open bottles ... The bottle caps are bent, no longer fit, suitable bottle caps you have not in matching number to hand ...

So how do you get the bottles hermetically sealed again without the good content getting stale?

Safe sex also provides the solution here ... Just take a condom. Just take the ring twice, like a rubber ring, twice or three times and put it over the neck of the bottle.

It might look a bit strange in the fridge, but there is no danger of opening the fridge door and jumping in the face with "inflated bags".

The penetrating latex flavor can also be easily removed with a kitchen crepe.

The same principle works with Prosecco, sparkling wine or champagne ...

Okay, this tip has certainly not given me my mother, but as a student you become inventive ...;)

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