"Bergische Kaffeetafel" - traditional specialty

What does the coffee table mean in Bergisch? "Koffiedrenken with all the dröm on it" until the table bends. It is here an old, traditional specialty to be together with his guests extensively and to let it taste all around, whether rather "sweet" or rather "hearty" ... for every taste is (hopefully!) Something here.

What is by no means to be missed is the "queen" of the coffee table, the "Kaffekann" with the name "Dröppelmina"! This is a - usually - three-legged, tin, artfully decorated coffee container with side tap (see picture). Now everything that belongs to a real "Bergisch coffee table" on the table: the coffee of course - but not too thin cooked - a Hefeplatz (is a kind of sweet mares) or raisin mares, various Bergisch breads (black and brown bread), honey, Jam, apple, beet or pear herb, butter, cheese and cottage cheese, sausage and ham, rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar, Bergische waffles (looking for recipe, because registered!) ... - at will with sour cherries and cream - additionally one still: scrambled eggs and roast meats together with orange juice offer, to round off the offer. If you are then completely "full", we drink here at the end of a Bergisch bittersweet or grain, so that the extensive, delicious meal is not so difficult in the stomach and is well tolerated! Just try it, because it is mega-versatile, delicious and invites you to linger and enjoy! Instead of the "Dröppelmina" you can maybe even "freshly brewed" coffee to make the whole thing "extraordinary", as at grandma's time earlier (which I also sometimes with the good, well-known "Heimbs coffee" I really enjoy it!

Tea Time in Germany - Coffee and Cake in North Rhine-Westphalia | What's cookin' | May 2020