Best vegetable milk - milk substitute

Due to a milk intolerance (not only lactose, but also protein) I had to switch to plant milk. I tried many through and was almost desperate, because none was really an alternative for me because of taste, consistency etc.

By chance, I came across the product Koko Dairy Free online and according to reviews, he should even taste like normal milk in coffee. So with great skepticism I ordered this "milk" and was very surprised, because I really did not like the difference. It comes very close to the 1.5% fat milk! Often I had to consider as an example with semolina porridge if I had accidentally used the normal milk. The only difference is that this "milk" contains hardly any fat and thus can not necessarily be used for baking. Likewise, you can not necessarily use it as a sauce when cooking, as most of it evaporates. But for coffee, Kaba, as pudding, etc. it is very great! The visit has never noticed the difference!

For baking and cooking, however, the soy drink is best suited. The price is unfortunately a bit expensive with 2.59?. With some offerers there are also volume discounts. So far, you can only buy this milk online or in very few organic markets.

There are also yogurt z. Strawberry. These actually taste almost the same as normal yoghurts.

Soy, Almond or Coconut: Which Non-Dairy Milk Is Best? | March 2023