Birth control pill for orchid flowers

Expired or leftover birth control pills are not worthless. Dissolve one pill in 1/4 L of irrigation water every half year - enough for 3/4 orchids.

Fantastic flowers are the result (photo), here on the example of an orchid bought for OBI at 3.99 euros two years ago, which once had two small flowers.

Chaosdaisy: Great, now I know why I will once again grandma. My daughter also has orchids that bloom so well :)) Jubelbube: Last season I fertilized my cactus with expired psychotropic drugs. The resulting photos have unfortunately confiscated the Federal Garden Service. The cactus itself is now acting as
Ventriloquist through the bars of Bombay.
That comes from feeding your houseplants with the achievements of our pharmaceutical industry.
I already see internet shops buy up the overproduction of birth control pills and market the ground powder as a miracle garden fertilizer. Be proud then you can still tell your grandchildren: This was my idea, published on "TheFruitAndFlowerBasket"
A not very serious comment from the cheering boy

"The Birth Control Pill" - Susan Goldstein | May 2020