Black Fries tea with its own flower mixture


Preparation time: 30 min.
Rest period: 48 hours
Total preparation time: 48 hours 30 minutes

Hello, I'm really a herbalist. For my tea mixture I need black fries tea and a flower mixture. I make the flower mixture myself.

In my flower mixture are always two hands full marigolds (mixed yellow and orange for the optics), a handful of rose petals, a handful of nasturtium blossoms, 10-20 daisies and half a handful of lavender, oregano and sage flowers. The mixture is biologically clean from our garden.

Everything is cut very small and dried. The flowers are then filled in a screw jar. Of this one can always take the desired amount.

For the tea mixture, one glass is filled halfway with the flower mixture and the other half with the black frieze tea. Then mix everything well.

For the tea preparation, I recommend to give little of the mixture in a teabag. About a teaspoon full. And always briefly shake up the mixture. So my husband is picky. But he loves this tea. Let it rest for about 2-3 minutes otherwise it will get too dark.

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