Blown eggs in newspaper look

One of the eggs to be gifted was to be covered with newspaper around and later decorated. For this type of surface design, like to use the not so beautiful, because not flawless blown eggs or those in which the hole has become too big when blowing ...

Actually, it does not matter if you use white or brown eggs. If, however, you accidentally create a mini-gap when laminating with the newsprint, at least white will shine through here with a white egg and not brown ...


Shred the newspaper in the smallest possible section: At the first egg, I had not torn the snippets small enough and sometimes had to take light wrinkles when smoothing on the egg surface. As a result, the finished surface has not become so wonderfully smooth. But: try is wise here too - so the tip here!

Lay out the blown eggs, a flat brush, Mod Podge and the toothpicks on the foam. From a point of the egg slowly work your way in a circle and then a "floor" deeper down to the other pole.

Spread a 3 cm2 area on the egg with Mod Podge. Then a piece of newsprint paper has to be applied to this surface: I did this first with tweezers, but discovered that the newspaper chips have charged each other electrostatically, I often had several in my tweezers and then bad on the egg surface could place because they stuck to the tweezers.

Therefore the improved version:

Place the pieces next to each other on paper towels, put the already brushed-in brush with Mod Podge on a piece of newspaper and lift it! Then put the newspaper clippings on the desired, prepared surface, without renewed Mod Podge recording equal carefully from the center on all sides out again and stick so on the egg.

Apply the second and all other newspaper clippings slightly overlapping and fix them with a brush once more!

Continue working until the entire egg surface is pasted.

When decorating the finished egg we have no limits!

Here are some things I would like to think about:

  • Deep black or rich in contrast stamp motifs on the surface. In addition (if manual work) like to cut the stamps from sponge rubber, because this can roll wonderfully round over the arched the egg surface away! If you use finished silicone stamps, you may stick to sponge rubber and then stamp it ...
  • Punch out a motive and stick it on the egg.
  • Write or draw by hand on the egg.
  • With a small round object / z.B. the eraser surface of a pencil end) Remove paint from the ink fountain / stamp block and dab a motif on the egg.
  • Do not wrap the ribbon horizontally but horizontally from pole to pole around the egg and glue it firmly (a normal glue stick will do). Then maybe make a very lush loop upstairs ...
  • Stick a very small photo of a "favorite person"?

Look forward to your ideas! In this sense, have a nice time!

25 Easter Egg Coloring Tips | Learn How To Dye Easter Eggs By Crafty Panda | May 2023