Blumenfeldmatte - acupressure mat for backache

Since I have a backache every day, which pulls up in my legs and not just swallowing pills, I've come across by googling on the Blumenfeldmatte- (and pillow / Acupressurmatte and Acupressurkissen) to lay on. According to physiotherapist, she is said to help very well by stimulating the nervous system to release endorphins. These act like analgesics, only they are the body's natural substances.

Is not cheap and a matter of habit, since the mat and pillows from a thousand pointed flowers and it is very prickly - I have tried three times - but with a towel in between and I am thrilled, immediately the blood circulation, it can only recommend but not suitable for mimosa.

Editor's tip: We recommend the original Blumenfeld mat by Bioloka

We Ordered Acupuncture From Amazon | August 2020