Body deacidify with Kaiser Natron footbath

Too much stress, unhealthy diet, or too little exercise can quickly acidify our body. If you do not eat enough basic foods, your body will extract minerals from your hair, teeth or bones. In the long run that makes you sick.

With a basic footbath you can deacidify the body through the skin.

  • The water should be between 37-40 degrees, so that the pores on the feet open.
  • Add about 50 grams of Kaisernatron (or other alkaline salts) and bath your feet for 30 to 60 minutes. The deacidification process begins only after 20 minutes. If you measure with PH stripes, the PH value at the beginning of the foot bath, it should be so by 8.0 or higher, after one hour, the measurement is usually 7.0. This proves that the body has deacidified well.
  • It works just as well with a full bath, but you take 100 grams of Kaisernatron.

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CCOVI Lecture Series- George Kotseridis Feb. 15, 2012 | May 2020