Cake from the glass

This tip is about baking cake in glasses, it looks great! There are different discounters (Lidl, Aldi) these desserts in the glass. (Creme brulee or something similar) My men "have to" eat 1 - 2 from time to time to get more glasses.

This I rinse in the Spüli through and use them, among other things as a cake pan! I set the oven to a maximum of 180 degrees, there is never broken a glass, but you must be careful that the glass has no crack, not that it bursts in the oven!

And that's how easy it is, just touch your favorite stir-fry kitchens and fill half of the glass with them (still working) in the oven (I always place the glasses on a baking tray) at max. 180 degrees about 20 - 30 minutes or until it has risen and no more dough sticks to the wooden stick.

Then carefully remove from the oven. I serve the cake always in the glass, looks great and you save the plate.

Philip Glass - I'm Going To Make A Cake | April 2024