Calm the dog during a thunderstorm

When it's raining outside or on New Year's Eve with fireworks, Waldi and Fiffi like to lie trembling under the table. All good persuasion does not help, and also the otherwise beloved liver sausage bread is spurned.

A simple method helps to soothe the fur noses:

Put a drop of lavender essential oil on the palm of your hand and gently rub it between your hands. Then you stroke with both hands the dog from the head to the back over the fur. Lavender has a very calming effect, and in the case of the sensitive dog nose, this small amount is enough.

But please make sure that it's a good, residue-controlled oil, not this midget from the budget stores. It is best to buy it in health food stores, health food stores or pharmacies. It also helps if you can not fall asleep yourself. Then you just give a drop directly onto the pillow (almost always works for me).

For the puppies you can additionally do the following: The emergency drops (rescue remedy) from the Bach flower remedies are also great. Here you take the alcohol-free version (pharmacy or Internet) and gives about 4 drops laterally in the mouth. This can be repeated at short intervals.

In general, if the dog is afraid of thunderstorms: behave as normally as possible, no exaggerated attention, so that everything stays as common as possible for the dog. Because when he realizes that his master or mistress stays calm, he can relax too.

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