Capers of Capuchin Cresses - peppery and delicious

Capers of nasturtiums - peppery and tasty - self-pickled.

We have a large bed of nasturtium in the garden. I've already set a recipe on FM, how delicious the flowers and leaves are on bread and in the salad. Today I have a recipe how to make Capers of Capuchin Cresses.

These seeds look like big capers and taste similar after being put in, but pepperier and sharper.

And so it goes:

They pluck them off, wash them. Dry well. They are mixed with salt, one tablespoon of coarse salt on two tablespoons capers, and filled in a screw-top jar.
Store in the fridge for about a week. Then rinse again and dry - on paper or tea towel.

It is boiled in a good vinegar with 1 teaspoon sugar, filled into small glasses and covered with vinegar.

This is also a nice souvenir - such capers are something special!

Capuchin Capers | January 2020