Careful handling of aluminum foil

Caution, aluminum foil can be harmful if it has prolonged contact with acid or salt food.

The reason: aluminum is transferred to the food. Cover better with cling film or transfer into Tupper containers.

ane: Some doctors have warned you to avoid salty stuff, especially when it's damp.
and of course it releases a lot, otherwise you would not be able to make silver like that again. So there is already an unpredictable (for lay people like me) reaction instead and I would not necessarily play the experimental carnival, which tests that.
I am therefore very careful, for example. do not pack smoked ham in it. or only with distance to the food, so to cover or something. In the local butchery you get the hot smoked belly to take away in aluminum foil, but with parchment paper as a separation. I think that's going to make sense.

This hint is already justified - thumbs up!