Catch flies without leaving stains

Everyone knows the annoying fly problem. Get out on the terrace, forget to close the door and you have numerous visits to the annoying beasts.

But how do you get them out again?

- Well-tried method Fly swatter - you already have a fat spot on the wall.

- With the palm of your hand - you usually clap so hard that the innards stick not only on the wall, but also on the hand.

- The sticky parts that hang from the ceiling - look very decorative, but are of no use. Had not caught a fly with it after 1 week :-(

- Electric fly swatter - I recently bought myself - requires great practice in order to catch a fly, also not dangerous. My son touched the part and got a blow, even though the button was not pressed ...

But now - MY TIP:

Since we have white wallpaper and white rough plaster throughout the house, the spots are particularly noticeable after the fly-flap attack.

This does not happen if you kill the flies with a DISHWASHER. This is so fast, because the fly does not notice the shadow and the incoming gust of wind. And it's fun too :-)

Something different, works wonderfully and everyone has the necessary aid at home.

Only sometimes you have to search the corpses :-)

Have fun with the towel swatter and a fly-free summer wishes you Silke.

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