Chair as kitchen shelf with towel rail

An old chair turns into a kitchen shelf with a towel holder in an instant. There is not much to do. The chair is simply mounted upside down on the wall.

If you still have a nice old chair in the basement or in the attic, you can turn it into a kitchen shelf including a towel rail. Even in the bathroom, such a shelf is a real eye-catcher. To be able to hang towels on the chair, he must necessarily have cross struts for reinforcement on the legs. My chair had only two cross struts. If there are four, so much the better, because then there is another place for towels.

To use the chair as a shelf and towel holder, it is simply turned upside down and bolted to the wall with dowels and long screws. It is best to screw the rear legs and the seat to the wall. The previous seat now serves as a storage surface in the kitchen e.g. for spices and tea, in the bathroom for toothbrush & Co. If you do not have enough space for the chair to extend into the room, you can also saw off the front legs with part of the seat. This also reduces the weight that the dowels and screws must hold.

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