Chicory with oranges, bananas and walnuts

Approximately Wash and halve 500 g of chicory, using the tops, cutting the "hard parts" into strips. Slice 200 g of turkey breast into strips and add to chicory.

Fillet 4 oranges
Cut 3 bananas into pieces

Add everything and mix carefully.

2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice + of the orange juice.
150 g of natural yoghurt
150 g brunch herbs
Salt + pepper + sugar

mix and pour over the salad.

Chives or cress on it also tastes very good.

Of course, you can also take other fruits that you like. The salad should be pulled through a bit and served cool.

Jicama & Chicory Salad with Miso Remoulade | March 2023