Cinnamon stars - juicy soft baked


Preparation time: 30 min.
Cooking or baking time: 15 min.
Total preparation time: 45 min.

Cinnamon stars, juicy-soft baked. To keep it that way - with proper dough consistency and optimum baking - store in a cool place, in cardboard box and with bowls of 2 tangerines.


For the dough:

  • 300 g icing sugar / powdered sugar (sieved)
  • 400 g almonds (ground)
  • 15 g of cinnamon powder
  • 100 g of egg white
  • 100 g marzipan raw material (please do not use a modeling marzipan!)
  • The pith of a vanilla pod
  • 5 drops of bitter almond flavor
  • 2 g salt
  • A thin abrasion of a small untreated lemon

An almond-cinnamon mixture is needed for processing the dough pieces, which are produced again and again after cutting out the cinnamon stars.

The ingredients for the almond and cinnamon mix:

  • Mix 500 - 600 g of ground almonds and 5 g of cinnamon powder

This mixture is also available to sprinkle the countertop or silicone mat, and serves to make the dough not so clingy after unrolling.

For the cast we need.

  • 300 g sieved icing sugar and 45-50 g egg white

Beat in a bowl until creamy, very soft egg whites are obtained.

Preheat oven to 200 ° C!

Preparation of cinnamon star dough

  1. 300 g icing sugar, 400 g almonds, 15 g cinnamon, 100 g marzipan raw mass, 100 g egg white, marrow of a vanilla pod, abrasion of a lemon and the like. 5 drops of bitter almond flavor.
  2. All this in a food processor to process a dough.
  3. The dough consistency should be that of marzipan and can therefore be processed immediately.
  4. If that is not quite the case, then you can use the Almond-Cinnamon mixture to balance the desired consistency of the dough.

To roll out the Zimtstern you need:

  • 1 silicone mat
  • 1 roll of transparent film
  • 1 roller wood
  • 1 small table brush or wide silicone brush
  • 1 angle pallet or plastic scraper dough card
  • 1 hinged Zimtstern cookie cutter
  • 1 vessel for with water

Here we go ...

  1. Sprinkle the silicone mat or worktop, with the almond-cinnamon mixture thin.
  2. Roll out the dough about 9 mm and remove the remaining almond and cinnamon mixture from the dough and its surroundings with a small brush or brush.
  3. Now brush the egg whites thinly with a plastig dough card or angle palette. (1-2 mm) Otherwise, the stars get a kind of beak at the tips, so there the protein whitening dissolves. Looks too dumb.
  4. For easy cutting out of the cinnamon stars, you should dip the star cooker into the water-filled container. This prevents the attachment of the star to the cookie cutter.
  5. Then a quick dab to remove the excess water from the cookie cutter, otherwise it could land on the cast of the star and leave stains.


  • Please cut out economically, saving space. Because if this should happen then the mishap that the cast or the almond-cinnamon mixture is running low, unfortunately, must be reworked unnecessarily.
  • If the dough plate is then gouged out, the leftovers with the protein sauce in a bowl and are brought back to the marzipan consistency with the almond-cinnamon mixture. This is then repeated until only a handful of dough remains.
  • This residue is then rolled out one last time to a square narrow strip (thickness 9 mm), coated with egg whites and cut with a knife into small triangles (star tips), so that this time, there is no leftover dough anymore.
  • Return the preheated oven from 200 ° C to 180 ° C and push the tray into the 2nd bar from the bottom. At a baking time of 10-15 minutes, depending on the oven.
  • The stars should be light cinnamon-colored at the star tips and be easily detached from the baking paper. When the sheet leaves the oven, place it on a cool surface - soil or ceramic hob - and let it cool down.
  • After cooling, the star should be firm on the outside, but inside it must have a thin layer of soft mass. This gets tighter over time and protects the star from premature dehydration. But before that happens ... Moscow is getting bad.
  • Since the cinnamon star dough consists only of almonds, sugar and protein, it does not belong to the dough, but it actually belongs to the masses ... like the nut filling or marzipan.
  • And the statistics say about Zimtsterne, that there is no, even no chance of survival for them ... and certainly not, during the Advent season.
  • If it still works with the storage, as described above by me, there are no hard stars at Christmas guaranteed.

Have fun baking and a nice Advent season.

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