Clean blinds with SODA

Habs just tried: Simple, cheap, environmentally friendly and ingenious. So: put some warm water in the bathtub, sprinkle a handful of washing soda (available in drugstores for about 99 cents / 500g), distribute and then put the open blind for 10 minutes (approx.). After just seconds, the water turned brown - it was worth it for me, the kitchen jalousie was extremely shoddy ... Then drain the soup and shower with clear water - done. The result is UNFASSBAR. No wiping or scrubbing and not only the slats are snow white, but also the threads / ropes. Drying took about 20 minutes.

For me it was a white metal (aluminum?) - Blind, but that should basically work with plastic or fabric. For colored fabric blinds, however, I would be a little more cautious, with unpainted (is there anything like that?) Alu-Venetian blinds too.

So forget this cilit-bang nonsense. Buy soda! ;-)

How do I Clean VERY dirty window blinds | March 2023