Clean chimney disc cheap with ash - with photo guide

Stove good and beautiful, great warmth, coziness - who has a, knows that. BUT at some point you can hardly see the beautiful Geflacker, because the disc is sooty.

In the meantime, I have tried all sorts of tips and have come to the firm conclusion that cleaning with ashes is the best and cheapest. Therefore, I use this tip again as the most effective and cheapest brushing method and hope that it will be published anyway.

All you need is a kitchen roll and water - the ashes are in the fireplace anyway.

So that everyone can see how great this works, my son photographed me while cleaning. A step-by-step documentation, so to speak.

Step 1: Remove wood residues

Remove ashes and wood residues, leave some ash in the oven

The dirty fireplace disc

Step 2: Wet kitchen paper

The kitchen paper needs to be wet

Wet the kitchen towel

Step 3: Pick up the ash with the cloth

Dab in the ash, make sure that there are no large lumps, otherwise scratched possibly the disc

Pick up ashes

Step 4: Clean the disc

Start with circular movements. After a short time you can see first successes.

For stubborn dirt - usually at the bottom - it takes a little longer

Begin to clean with circular movements ...

Step 5: Lubricate the disc completely

Everything beautifully smeared

... until the whole disc is smeared

Step 6: Wet the chimney

Wipe everything with wet kitchen paper ...

Wipe off the firing glass with a wet cloth

Step 7: Dry the chimney disc

... then dry with a dry paper towel

Wipe with a dry cloth

Done - what a difference!

The clean fireplace disc

I wish you much fun cleaning.

How To Clean Brass | June 2020