Clean clothes with care instructions - you can wash

Well, I do not know why, in almost every garment, CLEANING is recommended. I also went with each piece of clothing for cleaning and put on after only once.

I just tried it once, sometimes with a blouse, sometimes a dress, sometimes a costume made of different materials (pure new wool, silk, viscose, even real leather, all other materials ...) in the washing machine or handwash on HANDWARM (almost cold) washed with mild detergent and even with a leather jacket made of genuine leather.

And ... it works ... everything clean and pure ... and not broken in ... just perfect.

Put the clothes only lightly in the water, in the places that are dirty rub or brush lightly, do not wrestle, do not rub, simply rub several times in the wash water, rinse twice cool and hang up wet. PERFECT!!

If you have concerns. .. just try it with a garment that you do not care about or want to sort out.

I do not know if it's the same for all the garments in your stock, for me it worked with all things. Of course you have to iron the clothes then.

Norwex Cloth Care: How to Wash (& Deep Clean) your Norwex! | August 2020