Clean encrusted gas stove with dishwasher

In our shared flat there is a gas stove. The back left plate has burned any encrustations over the jaw.

The dirt was with no detergent, scouring cream, oven-spray, etc. to get along.

With a Sp├╝linaschinentab I could "erase" the encrustations.

The tab is half removed from the plastic wrap and rubs vigorously over the dirt. Put on gloves, the stuff is corrosive! The surface should only be slightly damp, otherwise the tab crumbles too fast. Dirt and tab crumbs then wipe off with water. Do not use on sensitive surfaces!

Granted: Streaky, the stove is still not, but cleaner than before!

LG Range - Burner Head, Cap, Grate & Cook Top Cleaning | October 2020