Clean marble tabletop

A "classic" scouring cream and a metal sponge eliminate stains of oil or grease on the marble tabletop when you "scrub" slowly and vigorously. Because this is the marble removed mechanically. That reduces it substantially, but then the plate looks really clean again.

Do not worry, a marble top of e.g. 15 mm thickness carries "infinite" many such actions. Or one is critical (I have not tested how long you can perform this action until the plate is through), then you should in the future just deal with certain materials on marble plates a little more cautious ... The plate is then, by the way, a little roughened and absorbs substances easier - even a disadvantage (where light is, is just shadow).

Anyone who sees it easily and can live with stains for a while, could also "steal" stains over a certain period of time and work with this method only from time to time.

This method is particularly safe because in stone (marble) liquids such as oil (naturally) can not penetrate very deeply (it is plausible that the conditions are different for example wood or textiles).

How to Clean Marble Tabletops Safely : Smart Cleaning Methods | May 2020