Clean stainless steel hob

Clean stainless steel hob: You know it, the edge of the hobs over time but then on and only scouring milk seems to help, but which scratched the surface. But now it comes:

There is steel wool, and that helps almost 100%. You're probably thinking, oh god, it's the same way. BUT if you take steel wool of the finest thickness, that is 000, it will not scratch the surface.

I came to this through my window person. He said that very fine steel wool is good against the stains on my windows. The craftsmen who worked here before we moved in were the purest fools ... and then I came up with the idea, after I had successfully worked my windows without scratches, maybe even apply to my hob. First in a small place, not that it scratched.

To the pictures: I have unfortunately missed, before the treatment, to take a picture. On the second picture you can see that it does not completely remove everything, but as seen in the first picture, it makes a clean overall picture.

How To - Clean a Stainless Steel Hob | May 2020