Clean the oven without effort

Cleaning the oven was always a pain for me, no matter what (often expensive) funds I bought, really convinced none. And then this effort with sponge, glass ceramic field scraper, etc.!

Now I put water on the bottom of the stove and inject one or two drops of detergent. Then I turn the stove on about 100 degrees and heat the whole thing.

When the temperature is reached, I turn off the power and leave it all for over night or several hours.

The next morning I can wipe everything clean, usually enough to a rinsing except for very old encrusted dirt, because I still brush with the hard side of the Glitzi sponge.

The steam also cleans the side walls.

Everyone has dishwashing liquid in the house, the use of chemicals is also limited and the costs anyway.

How to Clean Oven Racks! (Clean My Space) | July 2020