Clean windows and frames

God, the windows are due again? No problem. With distilled water, windows and plastic frames can be cleaned to a sparkling finish. And even fix it. Since the distilled water dissolves very well dirt, you have to deal with stubborn dirt such. B. fly shafts, not torment useless.

Once I've taken my flowers from the windowsill and running fast music in the background, you go - and it's very fast.

Everything you need is

  • distilled water (fill in a discarded flower syringe)
  • a bucket of water (I set up my 5-liter cleaning bucket for the photo without water)
  • a "window flit" to peel off
  • a cleaning cloth (as usual)
  • kitchen roll

That's how I go

  1. First, I spray the window frames with the distilled water and brush them as usual. Then the discs are on the line.
  2. Spray well, brush in a circular motion, and spray again.
  3. With the Flitsche / puller pull off from top to bottom, while 2 - 3 sheets of kitchen crepe under it, so that the "soup" does not drip on the floor (that would be very annoying).
  4. Then again briefly, and again circling, rework with clean kitchen paper. FINISHED!

Pleasant side effect of distilled water, is the unbeatable low price.

And window cleaner ... > What are we talking about? <

How to clean UPVC Window Frames so they stay Clean | April 2021