Clean windows - clean quickly with soft soap

I use soft soap to clean the windows, so the windows are cleaned quickly. Have tried everything before. Cleaning agents, fabric softener, rinse aid in any form, even together and always I was dissatisfied after a short time. Even the Kärcher did not convince me. Flying Debris and everything disappears quickly, even on skylights with a white frame!

So soft soap (buy in the Kaufland / Handelshof) dissolve in water, take microfibre cloth, wipe everything damp (including frame) and then wring the cloth well. So it's almost dry and over everything again. Wipe with a tea towel or kitchen roll for a short time. So everything is really clean without a lot of chemistry and if a small strip remains, wipe off quickly with a damp cloth and dry cloth again.

Best Window Cleaning Solution Water / Soap Ratio | May 2020