Cleaner made from orange peel and vinegar

You can easily make a super cleaner yourself from vinegar and orange peel, so do not dispose of the bowls the next time!

As you know, vinegar is a pretty good cleanser, it is cheap and very effective throughout the house. I use the homemade cleaner for the microwave, stove and washing machine, or for the tiled floor in the bathroom etc.

You are looking for a larger vessel, z. For example, use an old jar of preserves (that's how I do it) and fill it with orange peel (if you like, you can also add lemon peel) and pour everything, then almost to the top of the glass, full of vinegar.

Then it should be best for 1 week that it spreads well, then you can either fill it in a clean spray bottle, or use it. The great thing is that it smells really good, nice fresh to oranges, and much better than purchased vinegar.

Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner - Vinaigre Orange Nettoyant | March 2023