Cleaning with soft soap

Clean with soft soap and everything is spotless - I am a real cleaning devil and clean every day. But always had a lubricating film on the tiles and the bathtub.

Have dan tried the good old soft soap. Simply dissolve the soft soap in warm water, wash with a good cleaning cloth (not too wet) and wipe with a kitchen roll.

Everything really gets clean. Even the glass shower, mirrors, tiles and faucets and basins. And best of all, the water bubbles off afterwards so that you can quickly wipe with a wiped towel or toilet paper and you can save yourself huge cleaning with chemicals. It stays really clean - without lubricating film.

Meanwhile I brush everything in the apartment with soft soap. The bathroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms and the nursery. Everything is super clean, there is no great shine on the furniture, it cleans gently and it attracts less dust. Everything just shines clean and you do not have a smear on the furniture after a day.

Cheap, no smell, good for the surfaces and floors and no chemistry! (with a toddler in the house a real advantage)

And since it convinced me as a total cleaning devil and Sauberkeitsfan, I want to pass on the tip just once.

Only one thing do not use: with dark kink laminate, which gives stripes.

Give it a try and say if you are so enthusiastic since.

Clean Soft Soap | June 2020