Clothed washcloth

When I'm traveling with my kids, I always take wet washcloths in the Ziploc bag. One would like to have an ice-cream or something to eat and with the washcloth, sticky marks on the face or hands are quickly eliminated. And you can use the bags more often.

mrs_monk: So if I know I go out with my little daughter from the house, I do a washcloth with a little soap wet, wring it out, so that it is only slightly damp, then I pack the washcloth in a tupperfrühstücksdose and off you go.
How many times have I been happy to have my washcloth and always have it? on the playground in the restaurant, no matter ..
and what is there to stink? the used washcloth is not a week in the can. and on the subject unsavory and more often use? nobody wrote that you should use the washcloth a hundred times, my wanders after the trip immediately in the laundry. Some things do not always have to be written extra, right?

and on the subject of energy and costs ...: whether you now buy wet wipes, whose production, transport, purchase, marketing and disposal costs money, or a cotton washcloth with in any existing cargo laundry is !!!!!

American English Pronunciation: cloth vs. clothe vs. clothes | May 2021