Cocktails for children

A really nice non-alcoholic cocktail - cocktail for children - is created by mixing orange juice and water so that it does not get too sweet. Then pour into a glass and add red syrup (for example, strawberry, wild berry, grenadine).

If you do not touch it, it just looks really great. Stirred, it tastes great. A blue alternative is curacao syrup. If you give it in orange juice and stir it, you get a non-alcoholic green meadow. So you can make other really great color combinations in conjunction with other juices.

The hit of every children's birthday! For each child make one, then see how beautiful a cocktail can look and then let the children try it out for themselves! If you put sliced ​​orange slices on the cups and decorate them with ice cubes and a pretty straw, then this really looks like a holiday!

4 easy summer cocktails (and kid-friendly mocktails) | May 2020