Coffee - not so much caffeine during the day

Urviecher like me like to brew the filter coffee by hand. In the morning we actually need a strong "drone" to shake off the remains of the Morpheuschen embrace - to remove residual fatigue - but during the day it may be a bit milder. In my coffee filter is 1 spoonful of coffee powder more than actually needed, then I brew my 1 liter thermos to the top full. 2 large cups I pour full time and put the filter back on the pot. My husband is awakened by the smell of coffee, his usual "good morning kiss" and we both our breakfast coffee.

In the meantime, I once again pour boiling water into the filter and let the jug fill again up to the top. The thermos is then for the daily needs of my loved one. I am God Thanks to a specimen that can keep the drinking temperature for a long time.

This brewing method would not only work in two relationships, but also in shared flats.

Is Coffee Bad For You | How Much Caffeine In A Cup Of Coffee | Responding To Your Comments | May 2020