Combat head lice without chemicals and inexpensive

Hello, the topic of head lice I know too well! My daughter was the first one when it said, "Lice?" Yes, everyone thinks, oh my god, we are filthy and no one is allowed to know! " NONSENSE.

The note hung out in kindergarten or elementary school and I could assume that my pearl is there.

My eyes were only turned upside down, and look, jumped one or the other head lice playing through the area! That was not funny!

  • All Schnuffeltiere Eisi and Hundi, Giraffi and Enti etc. were banned for 48 hours in the freezer.
  • Sheets washed with lavender oil drops, but there was also the child (my pearl). Initially we had to go to the pediatrician, with everything zip and zap. Chemical club with certificate, that was embarrassing and unpleasant.

My problem was in my circle of friends and acquaintances, I did not want to be silent, and look there, a good old-fashioned friend said:

Have raised three children, but one always had lice! Since I was alert?

Now the recipe

  1. 3 eggs (with short hair) separate from egg yolk and egg whites
  2. Beat egg white with a whisk until it becomes firm
  3. Distribute on the head, is odorless and at the same time care for the hair
  4. Let it work overnight, preferably with a plastic bag or towel around the head
  5. And rinse the next day, like shampoo, etc.

And I have the experience, this is more effective than all these chemical clubs.

Protein dries up and fights the living head lice in which they suffocate!

I'm not an animal tormentor!

But it certainly works!

8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Head Lice | July 2020