Continued use of clementine boxes

If there are clementines in a wooden box in the supermarket, I always look forward a little - and then off, in the shopping cart.

The wooden boxes are all the same size, no matter in what winter I bought them. As a result, they can also be stacked on top of each other. They fit from the height, great in drawers. You can actually put them up, up or down almost everywhere. So they are beautiful little helpers! Nice? Well, that's something you have to work on!

I like the wood preserving paints that IKEA can buy. So you can spice up these boxes also great.

So colorful, they not only fit well into the nursery. There you can find them with us for the storage of CDs, cassettes and crayons. A box, I used upside down to hide cables on the TV and as a shelf for the remote controls.

Another, is to collect and dry old bread and rolls, on the heater. Of course, even small fruit can be stored in it, after all, is a fruit box. And and and!

Also in this clementine season, I have again ensured boxes that want to be petted. That reminds me, I need a new color ... I am then "wech" to Sweden furniture.

A presentation of the SafeLine Group and the SafeLine Factory | March 2023